Tình nghĩa vợ chồng là gì? 1000+ Câu nói hay về tình nghĩa vợ chồng

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The meaning of a husband and wife’s hair for a hundred years is deeply cherished in the life of every human being. To understand better conjugal love What is the meaning of husband and wife in Buddhism as well as folk songs and proverbs about the meaning of husband and wife, dear readers, do not ignore the information contained in the article below.

What is marital love?

Before learning about the relationship between husband and wife, you need to know what the concept of love is. Love is a feeling that is faithful to the truth and morality of being a human being. For example, friendship, brotherhood, husband and wife, etc.

The love between husband and wife is a sacred and respectful love
The love between husband and wife is a sacred and respectful love

A husband and wife relationship is a husband and wife who love, are faithful, take care of and help each other. Husband and wife together raise children, build a happy and prosperous family based on equality and mutual respect. To put it simply, husband and wife friendship is the fact that two individuals after marriage will live together faithfully, in accordance with the right and moral principles of being husband and wife.

In fact, Vietnam’s Law on Marriage and Family does not have any regulations on marital love. But based on the provisions of the Law, it is implicitly stipulated that the husband and wife relationship must be faithful, love, respect, care for and help each other to build a prosperous, equal, happy and progressive family. and sustainable.

Marriage between husband and wife in Buddhism

According to Buddhism, husband and wife are created by predestined relationships, married couples are predestined, have karma to carry debt to each other, but cannot naturally get married. The relationship between husband and wife is built on respect and equality. For husbands, they should treat their wives with etiquette, standards but not harshness, and do housework with their wives. On the contrary, the wife also needs to be diligent, respect her husband and take care of everything inside and out.

Although Buddhism does not express polygamy as clearly as Confucianism, it encourages fidelity in marriage. In the Sutra of the Six Directions, it is written: “If a married man goes to another woman outside of marriage this can be the cause of his downfall and he will surely face many other problems and troubles. nuisance”. It can be seen that, although the concept of Buddhism has existed for several hundred years, the practical values ​​still affect today.

The meaning of husband and wife is built on many different factors
The meaning of husband and wife is built on many different factors

For Vietnamese traditional processes, the meaning of husband and wife is built on many factors such as fidelity, harmony, etc. This is considered a basic moral value to stick to and maintain married life, husband and wife’s family becomes more and more stable.

The relationship between husband and wife is built on three factors:

Gratitude It is an important norm in a husband and wife relationship. If in the past, couples before getting married might not know the face arranged by their parents, but because of the love, they bonded and tied together for the rest of their lives. The couple’s “reverence like new” relationship makes them respect and live wholeheartedly for each other.

The relationship between husband and wife will arise from living together, shouldering the family work together; Show care and respect for each other. The love of husband and wife is also the sharing and sacrifice for each other to help the relationship stay connected and not be affected by external influences.

Loyalty is one of the important factors to maintain the relationship between husband and wife. Loyalty is the same love before and after, never changing. If you are a husband and wife, you must be faithful and love each other for the rest of your life. This has been clearly demonstrated in the family laws of the Le and Nguyen dynasties and the current Law on Marriage and Family.

Loyalty and one heart
Loyalty and one heart

Harmony between husband and wife is a solid foundation to maintain a sustainable family. There are many folk songs and proverbs that refer to the harmony between husband and wife such as “If the husband and wife agree, the East pool will also dry up” or “If the husband is hot, the wife will have less words / When the rice is simmering for life, it will not be Khe”, etc. When husband and wife are in harmony, everything will be favorable, avoiding breakdowns.

In the Second School of Education, the teaching of the Tibetan Buddhist Sangha, the Buddha taught about the morality of husband and wife very simply. According to him, there are 5 things a husband must treat his wife with: love, respect, care for the material and spiritual life, loyalty to his wife, handing over power to his wife, arranging jewelry for his wife. wife. The wife also needs to have love, respect, loyalty, good management of the house, preservation of property, dexterity and agility in work.

According to Buddhism, in order to sustain a marriage, there must be similarities in many aspects between husband and wife as well as fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of each party. To have a lasting marriage, there must be at least 4 similarities:

Awareness: Husband and wife need to understand each other well, understand a lot, know how to share or find ways to perfect knowledge, which live for each other. That’s what happiness is all about.

Faith: Belief here is religious belief. With the same religious belief, it is easy for both of them to get close to each other, understand each other, and agree on life values ​​such as morality, lifestyle, etc.

Moral standards, altruism, altruism: A happy family is when the husband and wife are both really generous, without worrying too much about the necessary expenditures and the good deeds to be done. In fact, there are many couples who spend too much money in the use of property, even if it is the legitimate needs of themselves and their families. That is the risk of creating difficulties in the behavioral relationship.

The love between husband and wife is the basis for building a happy and durable family
The love between husband and wife is the basis for building a happy and durable family

Husband and wife live together in harmony, happiness or conflict, it is both because of each other that changes, harmony or not. Happy or broken marriages are created by each person themselves, not to blame for unhappiness, age conflicts. The existence of karma, karma will help husband and wife apply the Buddha’s teachings to overcome their own mistakes, become a good wife, a good husband; build a happy family, strong husband and wife relationship.

Collection of good sayings about husband and wife relationship

Proverbs about conjugal love

  1. Husband and wife’s.
  2. Wives, husbands.
  3. Warm inside, quiet outside.
  4. Heroic boy, swashbuckling girl.
  5. Husband like that, wife like hom.
  6. A man with a wife is like a basket with cuttings.
  7. Rich for you, to as wife.
  8. The boat follows the driver, the girl follows her husband.
  9. Girls have merit, husbands do not.
  10. Couples knees and hands.
  11. Laughing wife is not as cheesy as the road is not knotted.
  12. Husband and wife go back and forth, husband and wife get along.
  13. Many fates, many debts, many wives, many injustices.
  14. ẴHer husband’s son than holding grandchild
  15. Thuan husband and wife, slapping the East basin also dried up.
  16. Men build houses, women build homes.
  17. Afternoon people get jobs, afternoon husbands get children.
  18. The husband was angry, the wife stopped talking.
  19. A man with a wife is like a basket with cuttings.
  20. Boat to drive, girls follow her husband.

A poem about the loyalty of husband and wife

A poem about the loyalty of husband and wife
A poem about the loyalty of husband and wife
  1. I used to plant cotton fields

He went to cut rice to share a house

Bring back to take care of parents

For generations, the word of filial piety is still passed on.

  1. Blessed to be an old wife

Just clean the house, sweet rice soup

Unhappily marrying a child

It eats it, it throws it away.

  1. Looking up at Ba The mountain

I want to leave, but I’m afraid of my wife and children.

  1. The banyan tree has lost its head

How many fallen leaves love me so much.

  1. Up in the mountains, I also go up

Handrails, climbing legs, picking fruit to feed each other.

  1. No one has one heart and two hearts

I’m here secretly waiting for you.

  1. I’m coming back, I’m coming too

Summarize spouses, rich and poor have each other.

  1. Shrimp cooked with potting beard

Husband and wife snorted and nodded to praise.

  1. Where can I go with me?

I’m hungry, I’m cold, I’m cold.

  1. I love my husband who cooks porridge le le

Cook pumpkin soup, cook lotus seed tea.

  1. While my husband is mad at me

From angry to happy

As gentle as a bowl full of water

Take it away and dump it where it is.

  1. Husband and wife are like cocks

The husband goes first, the wife nods behind.

  1. Loving each other meet the river

Difficulties and dangers do not leave loyalty.

  1. Crossing the field to visit her husband

How much rice, how much love your husband.

  1. Love someone with your love

Miss someone as much as a daughter misses her husband.

  1. Husband and wife are the meaning of life

Hey, don’t think the truth is better.

  1. Which religion is equal to the religion of the bride and groom?

Hand in hand, cheek next, birth and death have each other.

What is the first mind? The meaning of the idiom “The mind is in harmony with the mind”

Nice poem about husband and wife relationship

“Lovely Son Thuy, endless spring / Husband and wife harmony and happiness for a hundred years” – The iron-painted couple’s friendship is likened to the beauty of endless spring. Those feelings are expressed through beautiful poems about the love between husband and wife before and after.

  1. What is the deep fate of husband and wife?

A thousand years of new grace and gratitude

One day husband and wife do not have their own

Happy and sad, happy and sad, remember each other

Healthy, relaxed, no need to ask

Tribulation, danger when sick

New or love to grow together

Who needs… who knows… which religion is deep…

  1. I’m at the end of your horizon among thousands of stars

Two pieces of my life find each other

The fate of meeting each other for thousands of years

Let’s have each other in this life

Through the ups and downs of life until today

Life partner walks together happily

Holding hands, we walk together

At the end of the road there waits for me

Although life is full of storms and storms,

Somewhere an earnest invitation

Not a few moments of heart fluttering overwhelmed

I am still faithful and loyal

Happy together with the happiness of grandchildren

Close, love, stay healthy

I can’t make love to you now

Would you mind whispering late at night

Warm your heart when the cold winter comes

Wrap your arms around me and fall asleep

How much is enough in this life…?

Let us send all the love..!

  1. They turned off the light, the sky remained clear

A few minutes later, the light went out

Like a pill that dissolves in a cup full of darkness

The wall of the hotel shines in the night sky

The caresses of love have softened

They sleep but deep feelings are still connected

Two colors entwined with tangerines

On the painter’s paste paper

Everything is dark and quiet. But for tonight

The city seems to want to get closer

All windows are closed. The houses have reached out to each other

They are already here waiting in line

A crowd of people with indifferent faces.

  1. Hundred years of heavy meaning are betel nut

Two words husband and wife keep the sentence of love

We are in debt to our parents

Dude… I’ll follow you to the river

Despite the hard work of the fields

Living in poverty does not complain

Because heaven has made a predestined relationship

I wish to sail a boat with you

May it be beautiful forever, green love

It’s not like the leaves on the branches fall quickly

Space changes from time to time

Our love will never fall

Spring ends summer to autumn and winter

Although poor, love is still warm together

Green areca is synonymous with betel

I swore to wait patiently.

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